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The New Site Coming Soon - As you guys know, I've been switching most things over; Since I keep doing everyone else's stuff first, this is taking a bit longer than it should, but will be up readily, with all the original content and more
should be here by mother'day :)

For the New Comers - Nibbles & Bytes has been around since 1989, providing computer services of all types, to a wide variety of people and companies; we have a very relaxed atmosphere, comprised of intelligent, caring, people dedicated to doing the best for others: that means we do what is best for the customer, not our pocketbooks. A strange way of doing business, but maybe that is why we have nearly our entire business built on word of mouth !

Given the choice of dedicated, intelligent, hard working, careful and accurate staff that dress very, very casual, versus immaculately dressed professionals that are less than competant, but talk a good talk, wearing nice spiffy suits ,,, well, you get the idea

The Difference is - we take the time to explain things so that people understand, and offer them the ability to make decisions; (for those that just want it done, we do that too :) Just because we understand technical terms doesnt mean u have to; we will convert phrases like: `eschew obfuscation` to easier things like `avoid confusion`, or better yet `be clear`

We accomodate nearly any type of person or environ; and have experience with all types of special needs people, animals, etc.

Services - We take care of computers and a whole lot of other things; that means, in addition to sales and repairs, we will fix hardware, software, networks, all the usual assortment of popular stuff, and the not-so-usual assortment of weird, bizzaarre, and unusual software and one-of-a-kind things; We go to you and take care of any combination of setting up the equipment, cabling, operating systems, software, backups, maintenance, (including virus/spyware/malware removal, fix-ups, data recovery, data repair, custom software,) web hosting and web sites

For many clients, we provide special services, supplies, and / or recommend excellent people to handlethose many other services and suply; we stand behind our recommendations, whether it is people or product. This includes: many types of electronics, promotional specialties, certain trades, education (computer training software, assistance, etc), editing, media conversion (tape, record, video), photo, sound, and video work, and more

Humber Forum - mostly music, computer tech, have fun (now offline, may return in fall)


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yes, I really did spell bizzaarre with a trio of letter pairs, above; did u notice ¿